The Avaya Booth at Customer Contact Week (CCW) 2024 showcases groundbreaking technologies that will redefine how businesses communicate, collaborate, and connect. This year, we’re highlighting four themes that encapsulate our vision for the future of communication: Empowering People, Enabling Engagement, Creating Connections, and Orchestrating Journeys.

Each of these themes demonstrates our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance human interactions, streamline processes, and ensure seamless connectivity. By improving employee well-being, engaging customers more effectively, creating robust connections, or orchestrating comprehensive communication journeys, Avaya is paving the way for a more connected and efficient future.

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Explore the latest communication technologies through our expertly curated demos, each designed to showcase Avaya's innovative solutions tailored for diverse operational needs.

Our demos are organized by themes. Get an overview of the innovative approaches for creating unforgettable customer and employee experiences.

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At the core of every successful business are the people who make it happen. The Empowering People theme focuses on enhancing the safety, well-being and productivity of staff with tools designed to monitor stress, manage workloads, and provide real-time coaching. By integrating AI to analyze well-being and deliver instant feedback during interactions, we aim to foster a healthier, more supportive work environment. Additionally, robust emergency management tools ensure safety and swift coordination in crisis situations, reinforcing our commitment to employee welfare and operational

Booth Demos

  • Improve Agent Well-being: Showcasing AI-driven tools that monitor agent emotions to enhance wellness and productivity.


Enabling Engagement highlights how businesses can interact with customers more meaningfully. Through the use of AI to personalize interactions and secure customer data, we demonstrate our dedication to enhancing customer experiences. Integrations with systems like Microsoft Copilot automate and simplify report generation, enabling faster, data-driven decisions. Additionally, automating case management connects customer interactions directly with systems like ServiceNow, streamlining service processes and improving resolution accuracy.

Booth Demos

  • AI Case Automation: Highlights the automation of case management processes to improve efficiency and accuracy.


The Creating Connections theme addresses the infrastructure that supports seamless communication across diverse platforms. Demonstrating the capabilities of hybrid cloud environments, we show how businesses can enhance flexibility without interrupting existing operations. Security is also a key focus, with advanced authentication and payment processing systems ensuring that transactions are both smooth and secure. For sectors like healthcare, specialized communication tools ensure that sensitive information is handled with care, supporting operational efficiency and compliance.

Booth Demos

  • AXP On-Prem + Cloud: Shows how existing on-premises solutions can be enhanced with cloud capabilities without disrupting current operations.
  • AI Authentication & Payment: Demonstrates secure authentication and payment processes using AI technology.
  • Journey Orchestration & Workflow: Enables businesses to rapidly create and deploy the necessary workflows that connect businesses with customers, making enterprise customer experiences as easy as personal ones.


Orchestrating Journeys revolves around integrating communication tools strategically to enhance both customer and employee experiences from start to finish. This theme illustrates the benefits of integrating social media to boost customer engagement and service responsiveness. Virtual agent avatars handle routine inquiries, allowing human agents to focus on providing personalized services and tackling complex issues. Moreover, real-time AI coaching enhances interaction quality, offering on-the-spot guidance that helps employees grow while improving customer satisfaction.

Booth Demos

  • Real-time Coaching: Uses AI to provide real-time coaching to agents, enhancing decision-making and customer interactions.
  • Social Media Engagement: Demonstrates how to integrate social media platforms effectively into customer service strategies.
  • Microsoft Copilot Integration: Highlights the integration of Microsoft Copilot with Avaya systems to streamline data analysis and report generation.

Capabilities and Technologies


Avaya Experience Platform™:

Showcases its adaptability and integration with various cutting-edge technologies.


Partner Integrations:

Features collaborations with industry leaders like Microsoft and Zoom, enhancing the Avaya ecosystem.


Innovative Use Cases:

Tailored solutions for industries such as healthcare, finance, and government, demonstrating Avaya's extensive application range.

Outcomes and Benefits


Enhanced Efficiency:

Streamline processes using AI and advanced integrations to improve operational transparency and reduce costs.


Improved Satisfaction:

Boost customer and employee satisfaction through enhanced communication tools and support solutions.


Driving Innovation:

Discover how Avaya's latest technologies can propel your organization forward, fostering innovation and transformation.

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