CX Force Awards: Empowering the Future of Customer Experience

Join us at Avaya ENGAGE in Denver, CO to see the CX Force Award winners take the stage on Wednesday, May 15.

Introducing the inaugural CX Force Awards! Avaya, in partnership with the International Avaya User Group (IAUG), proudly presents these awards as a program designed to spotlight and celebrate the innovators, strategists, and pioneers dedicated to reshaping the world of customer experience. The CX Force awards recognize the individuals who create meaningful change and set the benchmark for exceptional experiences. In a world where creating impactful and meaningful experiences is essential, these awards aim to recognize the innovative efforts and accomplishments of those at the forefront of CX excellence. The awards are co-sponsored by Constellation Research, the Silicon Valley-based technology research and advisory firm.

Are you leading the way with groundbreaking strategies in customer experience? Has your use of Avaya solutions, technology, or other innovative programs propelled you or your organization ahead of the competition? Do you have a story of CX transformation that has significantly impacted your company and wider industry? This is your chance to showcase your achievements and the remarkable efforts of your team in advancing the field of CX. Looking to nominate someone else at your company or within your network who exemplifies these qualities and accomplishments? We encourage both self-nominations and nominations for others.

Winners will have the opportunity to gain industry-wide recognition at the Avaya ENGAGE event in Denver, Colorado, where the winners will be celebrated. This is more than just an awards program—it's a platform to spotlight the achievements of those driving meaningful change in their organizations and communities through exceptional customer experience strategies, and to bring together a community of exemplary, like-minded CX innovators.

About the Awards

The CX Force Awards, presented by Avaya in partnership with the International Avaya User Group (IAUG) and Constellation Research, are designed to spotlight and celebrate the innovators, strategists, and pioneers who are reshaping the world of customer experience. In a world where exceptional experiences are the cornerstone of every industry, the CX Force Awards seek to recognize those who create meaningful change and set the benchmarks for excellence.


Our award categories are crafted to reflect the multifaceted nature of customer experience innovation:

CX for Education: Enhancing Learning Pathways

Pioneers fostering innovation within education to remove barriers and create seamless learning experiences. Through cutting-edge approaches and the use of Avaya’s innovative technology and solutions, these visionaries are crafting new paradigms for educational excellence, making learning more accessible, engaging, and impactful for students everywhere.

CX for Employees: Shaping the Future of Work

Champions of change redefining the essence of workplace collaboration and engagement through their innovative thinking and use of technology to improve employee experiences. By fostering a culture of connectivity and integrating Avaya’s advanced technology and solutions, these leaders are elevating the productivity and well-being of their work environments, redefining the very concept of work in the digital age.

CX for Healthcare: Pioneering Patient-Centered Care

Advocates at the forefront of healthcare innovation who utilize Avaya’s solutions to place patients at the heart of every decision and interaction. Through their dedication to enhancing care pathways and embracing technology, they're reimagining patient care, ensuring it's more responsive, compassionate, and personalized than ever before.

CX for Good: Creating Impactful Social Change

Visionaries leveraging the power of customer experience technology and Avaya’s solution offerings to drive positive change in society. Whether through nonprofit initiatives or purpose-driven business strategies, these leaders are using their skills to better serve communities, proving that great CX can be a force for good in the world.

CX for Growth: Driving Business Success through CX

Strategists who recognize the transformative power of customer experience in driving business growth and pursue excellence in both areas through innovative technology and Avaya solutions. By placing the customer at the center of their business strategy, they've not only achieved remarkable growth but have also set new standards in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CX for Transformation: Leading Change with Experience at the Core

Innovators who have masterfully steered their organizations towards success by embedding an experience-first mindset into their operations, executed through Avaya’s platforms and integrations. Their efforts have revolutionized how their organizations engage with customers and employees alike, leading to unprecedented levels of engagement and leadership in their respective fields.

Rising CX Superstar: The Future Leaders

Emerging talents making significant waves early in their careers and show promise in furthering CX innovation using Avaya solutions and advanced technology. With a fresh perspective and unwavering commitment to innovation, these rising stars are already leaving their mark, promising a bright future for the world of customer experience.

Timeline and Key Dates


March 18, 2024

for Submissions

April 17, 2024


May 1, 2024

Winners announced at Avaya ENGAGE in Denver, Colorado

May 15, 2024

Nomination Criteria

Nominees are evaluated based on their career achievements, innovative CX strategies, the tangible impact of their work, challenges they’ve overcome, and the role Avaya’s technology and solutions played in these accomplishments. We are seeking nominees who demonstrate a high level of innovation, creativity, and leadership within the customer experience domain, particularly those who utilize or are familiar with Avaya solutions. Inspiring personal stories, successful CSR initiatives, and any relevant anecdotes that reflect a nominee’s passion for elevating customer experiences add weight to the nomination.

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Official Rules

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